About Us

Paintseal Europe Ltd (PSE) is the fastest growing company in the UK paint and interior protection marketplace. Founded in 2008 on the principle of providing ‘next generation’ advanced technology products, to enhance both dealer and consumer experience, the company has developed a range of own label products with car manufacturers and financial institutions. Our approach is customer focused and provides OEMs with the market intelligence required for them to successfully launch consumer offers into their Dealer Parts and Accessory supply programmes.

The OEMs that have taken this route to market include Renault UK, Renault SA (France), Hyundai Motor UK, Suzuki GB and Europe, Dacia, SSangyong, FIAT, Alfa, Chrysler, Jeep, Lotus and Koenigsegg. PSE also supplies to Toyota Motors Europe (TME), Lexus, Subaru Europe, Honda Europe and VAG France through its supplier partners.  The core product that has driven their programmes is a unique third generation paint coating called Glasscoat. In addition, PSE products are marketed by Car Care Plan (GMAC), Global IM and as Lotus Formula 1 Ceramic in the global market.


       With more OEM's coming soon ...

To complement the range of paint protection products PSE also provide OEMs with dedicated ‘own label’ workshop consumable products which include fuel treatments, air conditioning system cleaning products, engine cleaning sytems that enable them to build and develop parts supply business without significant stock purchasing and risk.

This joint approach to marketing successfully weds OEM expertise and resources with PSE’s market experience and sector capabilities.

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