eBay - Aware and Beware

eBay Aware and Beware

GEN-3Glasscoat Ceramic Paint Protection and Fabric Protector is only available from Authorised Dealers.

Recently we have been made aware that from time to time,  products claiming to be GEN-3Glasscoat have been advertised for sale on the auction site eBay. Please be aware that the unlicensed sale of GEN-3Glasscoat and associated fabric protector products on eBay is not authorised by Paintseal Europe Limited and or any of our partner manufacturers. Consequently, any subsequent claims made against its Guarantee will be null and void.

There are a number of reasons why we would advise against any purchase from an unknown source because:

  1. It may have been stolen from an authorised dealer by a member of staff without permission, and is therefore classed as stolen goods
  2. The product could well be counterfeit goods
  3. The product inside the bottles may not be what it appears to be i.e. not GEN-3Glasscoat
  4. GEN-3Glasscoat has a limited shelf life due to it's chemical make up

Please be aware that GEN-3Glasscoat is for professional use only and should only be applied by trained authorised dealers, using the appropriate application procedure and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

All products found on eBay are reported to trading standards and working in conjunction with eBay, Paintseal Europe Limited will instigate legal proceedings to prohibit unlicensed and unlawfully selling of the products.

If you want to report any item or member of eBay to us then contact us at admin@gen-3glasscoat.com subject: Ebay report.