Your cars' paintwork, glass and alloy wheels are exposed to many harsh conditions and environments, all of which attack and damage the appearance of your car. Let's face it, you have invested a lot of money purchasing your new car, so you will want to keep it looking newer for longer ?

GEN-3GLASSCOAT is a NEW and unique complex formula, ceramic coating which provides a hardened glass finish which actually bonds into your cars clear coat laquer finish. This is unique in the industry as all other products are sacrificial coatings which sit on the top of painted surfaces.  GEN-3GLASSCOAT'S unique technology means that it exhibits self cleaning properties, repels liquids and is extremely resilient to all types of damage. Damage caused by acid rain, frost, road salt, traffic film, pollution and solvents should not create any issues*. Your car is therefore easier to clean and stays looking newer for longer.

GEN-3GLASSCOAT is up to 4 times thicker than existing fluoro polymer type paint protection products. In independent laboratory controlled testing GEN-3GLASSCOAT proved to be at least 10 times when compared to most other paint protection products. This unsurpassable and consistent performance means that only GEN-3GLASSCOAT comes with a comprehensive transferable** 5 year Guarantee. No monthly conservers, annual inspections or re-applications are required.


* subject to fitting strictly in line with manufacturer guidelines

** Guarantee transfer is subject to a small administration charge.