Paintseal Europe secure exclusive deal with CHIPEX invisible stone chip repair.

GEN-3 Invisible Stone Chip Repair

Paintseal Europe secure deal with Chipex invisible stone chip repair system


Paintseal Europe has signed a deal with Chipex to promote and sell their revolutionary stone chip repair system. The GEN-3Chipex system provides all of the tools and elements to ensure that car panel areas which have been damaged by stone chips or small scratches, can be carefully repaired to the extent where they become almost invisible.

"We are delighted to be able to make this individually and hand made product available for our consumers, who constantly ask us for help with stone chip damage" said Rob Collins, PSE Director. GEN-3Chipex can be used on cars that have been protected by GEN-3GLASSCOAT or cars that have not been treated with any paint sealant. The G-3Chipex  repair package is simply light years ahead of  the 'touch in' sticks normally supplied by dealers. These items tend to create uneven lumps of paint which are not well distributed within the chip itself. This creates an unsightly appearance on car paintwork. The touch in pencils also tend to be expensive and quickly dry out. Colour matches also tend to be poor.

GEN-3Chipex has an inventory of over 8000 colours available and covers all makes, manufacturers and models.

For more information contact Jonhny Graham at Chipex , quoting PSE.